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The Save a Life Project Foundation was established to provide a platform, through the distribution of electronic mobile device applications, presentations in schools and other settings, and the formation of joint task forces with schools, workplaces, neighborhoods, and other affected members of communities, for communities, schools, workplaces, and neighborhoods to address and combat certain social issues that affect said communities, schools, workplaces, and neighborhoods, namely, bullying, addiction, human trafficking, hunger, and poverty in order to provide relief of the poor, provide relief of the distressed and underprivileged, promote mental and physical health, lesson the burdens of government, lesson neighborhood tensions, eliminate prejudice and discrimination, defend human rights, and combat community deterioration and juvenile delinquency; provide means through which individuals, families, neighborhoods, employers, and schools can connect with resources and strategies in order to find, share, fund, develop, deliver, and discover innovative solutions to and encourage dialogue on certain social problems, including, bullying, addiction, human trafficking, hunger, and poverty affecting communities; provide public instruction and education on the impact of bullying, addiction, human trafficking, hunger, and poverty for the betterment of communities, and promote public awareness of the social issues affecting communities, including, addiction, human trafficking, hunger, and poverty in order to improve such communities.

Our Team

James Surprenant

President & CEO

Over 35 years in the automotive industry. 18 years in the employee benefit industry providing insurance, telemedicine and other benefits to municipalities, schools, businesses.

H.G. Strickland

Vice President

Richard Fox

Secretary & Treasury  

Dr. Ben Graham

Board Member

Over 33 years of experience working for municipal government's as controller and city manager. Extensive experience with citizen involvement, neighborhood organizations, community events and media relations.

Senior Pastor of Music City Baptist Church, President of Graham Family Films, Board Member of the Save a Life Project Foundation.

Ben Graham gave his life to the Lord at the age of fourteen and surrendered to preach less than a year later. He is a 5th generation preacher. 

Over 19 years Restoration Church, Director Apostolic Team Ministries International and Pastoral Team for Kingdom Life Ministries DC. Vision Christian Bible College & Seminary

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Our Offerings

Providing resources through innovative technology for those affected by a Substance Use Disorder

Our Mission

Educate and provide resources to individuals, communities, businesses, schools, and other organizations through our 501 (c) 3 foundation.

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