Jim Surprenant, President of Save a Life Project Foundation spent 34 years in the automotive business as President & CEO of N.A.W.A. Inc. an automotive warehouse distributor serving auto parts, hardware and muffler shops.

In addition to the warehouse operations, owned a partnership in muffler shops, service centers, auto parts stores and ACE hardware store.

One of five partners starting Prestige Benefits in 1999 and offering employee benefits to companies including Aflac insurance.

Co-founder in FTS Health & Wellness LLC with partner Rick Fox offering telemedicine for the past six years to businesses.

Richard Fox, Secretary and Treasurer of Save a Life Project Foundation. spent 34+ years as the controller of the third largest city in Michigan. Spent 3 years as the city manager of Oak Park in Michigan. 

Proven leadership skills in local government and negotiations. Creative vision in recognizing and projecting future needs.  Mr. Fox was successful in balancing municipality budgets and operating the city while maintaining satisfactory city services to its residents.

Co-founder in FTS Health & Wellness LLC and instrumental in creating a college course for union employees and Military.