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Community Outreach Program & Education 

Our goal is to get Federal, State, City, Townships and businesses throughout the United States to purchase the C.O.P.E. Initiative app for only $99.00 and provide it to their employees.  Once each entity has purchased the app, they will be able to give each employee a free app that will provide all the valuable information and resources on substance use disorders.  In addition, each organization will be able to have their website on the app; send alerts to their employees on the app; provide human resource materials to employees on the app; and much more.

In addition, the C.O.P.E. Initiative app will not only bring electronic connectivity to governmental agencies for information and resources on substance use disorders for employee's, the same government agencies can provide the app to their residents which will help rural area’s across the country.  This will ensure rural areas can achieve a high quality of life similar to large metro areas.  To grow and prosper rural area's need the technology to access information and resources from federal, state, local governments, nonprofits and businesses.  The C.O.P.E. initiative app will provide that technology to connect rural America to the information and resources they need to help their families.


Over 21 million Americans suffer from a Substance Use Disorder according to the CDC. Millions of Americans suffer from pain and are often prescribed opioids to treat their conditions.


Prescription opioids are often used to treat chronic and acute pain, and when used appropriately, can be an important component of treatment.


From 1999 to 2017,more than 700,000 people have died from a drug overdose.


In a recent report from SAMHSA, 66% of workers/families are employed that have a substance use disorder. 1 in 7 will become addicted in their lifetime.

In another report by the University of Chicago and Shatterproof, report the number to be 75% of workers and families that are employed that have a substance use disorder.

​Employer cost

Recovery 3.jpg
Affecting Lives

- In 2017, more than 70,000 Americans died from drug overdoses. On average, drug overdoses now kill 192 Americans per day.

When someone has an addiction, it doesn't just destroy their own life, it destroys the lives of their families and friends, too, but it doesn't stop there. It contributes to a public health crisis that is destroying our society.

Affecting lives​

​- But this can all change!

If we invest in evidence-based prevention, treatment and recovery methods, if we treat addiction as the chronic disease that it truly is, we can save lives.

Work can be an important and effective place to address substance use disorder by establishing or promoting programs focused on improving health.

Employers can encourage and support treatment for sick employees, identify substance use disorder, and take a proactive approach to dealing with issues. Rather than disciplining employees who suffer from a chronic mental health issue, employers can reduce the negative impact of addiction in the workplace, while reducing costs.

Without question, the establishment of an Employee Assistance Program (EAP) is the most effective way to address alcohol and drug problems in the workplace. EAPs deal with all kinds of problems and provide short-term counseling, assessment, and referral of employees with alcohol and drug abuse problems, emotional and mental health problems, marital and family problems, financial problems, dependent care concerns, and other personal problems that can affect the employee’s work. This service is confidential.

Additionally, employers can address substance use and misuse in their employee population by; Additionally, employers can address substance use and misuse in their employee population by; implementing drug-free workplace and other written substance abuse policies; offering health benefits that provide

comprehensive coverage for substance use disorders, including aftercare and counseling; reducing stigma in the workplace; and educating employees about the health and productivity hazards of substance abuse through company wellness program.

Recovery pays for itself in the workplace. Supporting healthier employees supports a healthier business, with better returns, a better reputation, and a better forecast for future success.

To order your C.O.P.E. Initiative App, tap on this link:  COPE Initiative  Tap the buy now button.  Once you have purchased the app, fill in the enrollment form and hit submit.  We will complete you personalized app in approximately seven (7) days and send it to your email.  If you have any questions, please email us at

To purchase the COPE Initiative app tap on the link below.

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