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Faith-Based Initiative

Leading the Faith-Based Initiative is Dr Ben Graham, Senior Pastor for Music City Baptist Church and President of Graham Family Films. Dr. Graham has been working in Washington DC with federal departments, talking with state officials and working in his local community to establish a means to collaborate and integrate a solid platform to communicate information and resources to individuals and families impacted by the drug epidemic across our country.


- The information and resources from nonprofits like the Addiction Policy Forum, Shatterproof, and federal agencies like SAMHSA help provide the important information and resources available on the app. My thanks go out to these organizations for providing information and resources about substance use disorders.

Ben further states: “This is just the start of the collaboration and integration needed by all organizations to work together to assist people who are impacted by this terrible drug epidemic.”

Therefore, Ben is calling for the Faith-Based community to partner with him in this effort to collaborate and bring information and resources to families through our churches.

Church being the focal point​

- The church can be one of the focal points in the community where people can go to get help and find resources to deal with problems such as substance use disorder.


​- Federal, State and local governments can collaborate with churches through the app to provide funding opportunities and other resources to assist in counties throughout the United States.

Executive Order on the Establishment of a White House Faith and Opportunity Initiative

- Our President, Donald Trump on May 3, 2018, established by executive order the “White House Faith and Opportunity Initiative”.

The Initiative states that: “The executive branch wants faith-based and community organizations, to the fullest opportunity by law, to compete on a level playing field for grants. Contracts, programs and other Federal funding opportunities.” Therefore, as the leader of the Faith-Based Initiative, I will collaborate with all agencies to assist our churches in receiving funding opportunities to help families in need in all 3,007 counties across our great nation. We must all work together to lift up each other and help fight the plight that is impacting our neighborhoods.


​- Ben will establish National, Regional, State Directors, and County Ambassadors to establish a network of resources in all 3,007 counties across the United States.

Once the National Directors are appointed, Ben Graham will work with them to appoint State Directors to oversee all state functions for the Faith-Based Initiative.


- Each State Directors will appoint Regional Directors who will work with them to appoint County Ambassadors to work in communities to distribute the Faith-Based Initiative app. There can be many churches in each county that will have the designation of a County Ambassador. As stated throughout the newsletter, it will take the collaboration of government organizations, business organizations, nonprofit organizations and individuals working together to help communities fight this drug epidemic facing our country. 

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United States
  • 8 National Directors

  • 50 State Directors

  • 224 Regional Directors

  • 3,007 County Ambassadors

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To purchase the Faith-Based Initiative app, please tap on the link below.

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