The Save a Life Project Foundation is pleased to share resources about bullying bullying prevention from PACER's National Bullying Prevention Center, along with information from PACER Center about helping families with children disabilities.

Pacer was established in 1977, it began with one project: Parents Helping Parents. Then as now. PACER was staffed primarily by parents of children with disabilities dedicated to educating other parents and improving the lives of children with disabilities throughout Minnesota. With a small grant from the Minnesota Department of Education, PACER conducted a five-month pilot project and demonstrated the effectiveness of the "parents helping parents" model.

Although today PACER offers more than 30 programs for parents, students, professionals and other organizations, the original philosophy of "parents helping parents" remains the foundation upon which PACER has grown. Whether addressing the issues of early childhood or assisting youth in making the transition from high school to work, parents on PACER's staff share their experiences and their knowledge with others so that all Minnesota's children with disabilities may have a better future.

In 2006 PACER launches, An interactive Website to help children deal with and prevent bullying. PACER has two national "first": the first National Bullying Prevention Awareness Week and the first National Ted and Dr. Roberta Mann Foundation Symposium about Children & Young Adults with Mental Health and Learning Disabilities. PACER receives a five-year, almost $3 million grant from the U.S. Department of Education to be the Minnesota Parent Information and Resource Center (PIRC) for parent-school partnerships.

PACER continues to lead in programs for children and teachers.

For more from PACER, check out these links:

  • Get Involved: Ideas to take action in your community
  • Resources: Learn more about how to help students stay safe in school, online and in the community
  • Toolkits and Activities: Activities for the classroom or community group to help learn how to address bullying

Information, ideas and activities include:

  1. Bookmarks: Kids and Teens Against Bullying websites
  2. "You're Not Alone" Toolkits

New free resource! ALL IN, year-long classroom resources designed to inspire students to be invested in safe and supportive schools.

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